Combat! (1962)

30 mistakes in season 3

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Mountain Man - S3-E1

Revealing mistake: When Saunders and his men escape from the Germans, it's supposed to be after sundown. But the entire chase scene that follows is filmed in broad daylight. (00:19:20)

Jean G

Mountain Man - S3-E1

Revealing mistake: As the German chases Cage, there are multiple ski tracks in the snow from previous takes. (00:35:35)

Jean G

Birthday Cake - S3-E15

Visible crew/equipment: Season 3, "Birthday Cake": When Littlejohn goes into the river, you can see the reflection of the entire camera crew.

Jean G

Vendetta - S3-E2

Factual error: The planes Hanley identifies as Messerschmitts aren't. They're stock footage of U.S. P51 Mustangs.

Jean G

The Duel - S3-E4

Revealing mistake: Season 3, "The Duel": The German tiger tank obviously isn't one. It's an American M41 with a bad studio paint job and German markings.

Jean G

The Little Carousel - S3-E8

Continuity mistake: Season 3, "The Little Carousel": In the land mine scene, Anderson's helmet disappears and reappears repeatedly between takes.

Jean G

A Rare Vintage - S3-E12

Visible crew/equipment: Season 3, "A Rare Vintage": In the scene inside the winery, a cameraman's shadow intrudes at the left of the shot.

Jean G

The Impostor - S3-E10

Revealing mistake: Season 3, "The Imposter": During the march, Rick Jason slips and says, "Peabody! Bring up the rear!" He was supposed to say "Littlejohn." Peabody is the actor's real name.

Jean G

The Long Walk - S3-E13

Continuity mistake: Season 3, "The Long Walk": Near the end, the wine bottle Saunders is holding switches hands between shots, then vanishes.

Jean G

Dateline - S3-E23

Visible crew/equipment: When the prisoners are looking for the dirt from the tunnel they discover it is in the attic. While they are removing a board from the ceiling they reveal an overhead stage light. You can tell this is a mistake because they hurriedly put the board back.

Braddock: Don't just stand there sucking on a prune pit, get these men some water.

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Trivia: Actor Vic Morrow used a non-firing wooden replica of a Tompson submachine gun due to its lighter weight, thus being easier to carry. He used a heavier blank-firing model when it was required to be fired.

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