Movie Quote Quiz

Lucius Belyakov: A dark heart dwells where the branches meet / Anointed dagger plunge thee deep.

Justin: I'm reminded of the phrase "making a deal with the devil."
Tommy Dolan: Aw, come on. I'm not that bad.
Justin: No. You're not.

Samson: When it comes to livin', dying is the easy part.

Samson: Lyle, I'm tellin' you this operation is 100% legit.
Sheriff Lyle Donovan: I never heard an honest man use "legit."

Charlie Lewis: You always had a beard?
Lila: Ever since I was thirteen.
Charlie Lewis: Me too.
Lila: You come by my tent later, dark and handsome, and I'll show you something else I had since I was thirteen.

Sofie: Go to hell.
Justin: Go? Why, I plan on bringing it here.

Justin: You always knew what was inside of me.

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