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Corrected entry: SPOILERS FOR THE FINAL SEASON: The main character's plan is to ensure that the Observers were never created. When the plan is executed, time is reset and Peter and Olivia are back in the park with their daughter. Really think this through: If the Observers never existed, September would've never interrupted Walternate when he discovered the cure for Peter's illness and Walter would've never crossed over to save him, thus Peter and Olivia would've never met in a world with no Observers. But they are together in the reset timeline.

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Correction: But in a world where the Observers take over in the 21st century, there would never be humans to create the first Observers in the future. The time travel in Fringe does not follow conventional time travel rules, allowing for paradoxes. It was frequently stated that the timeline would reset at the moment of the invasion.

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