Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Adam Raised a Cain - S2-E21

Revealing mistake: Some of the security cameras in the Weaver's household are in some rather odd locations. We see a camera's point of view of Savannah looking up through the glass table that she's doing her homework on, and a camera's point of view of Savannah hiding behind the TV. Besides the obvious need for John Henry to keep an eye on her, what is the need for these cameras? And where are they placed? Later on in the episode, when John Henry is talking to James Ellison about why he stopped looking for Sarah Connor, pretty much all of the cameras on the wall next to them are recycled shots from the actual show and couldn't possibly be from physical cameras due to their awkward angles.


Trivia: The name "Cameron" is chosen as a tribute to director James Cameron who directed the first two films.

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Answer: It was cancelled due to declining ratings. Season Two had about half as many viewers as Season One.

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