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Corrected entry: In several episodes (notably in Season 4 episode 13 - Chuck Vs. The Push Mix), General Beckman, the Director of National Intelligence, refers to "my superiors." First, the DNI reports directly to the President of the United States. Also, a Brigadier General would never be elevated to that position. Thus far, all of the DNIs have been civilians, but if a military officer were appointed (presuming this would be legal) it would certainly be a four-star General, who would likely immediately retire from the military and then be appointed to the position (David Petraeus taking the CIA Director appointment comes to mind).

Prince Ly Squisher

Correction: Beckman is not the Director of National Intelligence. She works for the National Security Agency, within which she would have superiors.

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Corrected entry: In the pilot episode when Chuck sees the Intersect images for the first time, it takes hours for him to see them all (as the scene stretches from the end of the party to the next morning when his alarm beeps for work). Throughout the series, many other characters upload the intersect and yet for them it never takes more than about a minute to see all the images.


Correction: In the first episode Chuck is receiving the intersect as an email attachment on his computer. All other instances of an intersect being downloaded involve specialised devices, multiple screens, high-tech glasses or whole rooms or are updated forms of the intersect.

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Corrected entry: When Chuck flashes on a Volkoff safehouse there are images of Vivian. However, Chuck's Intersect data was uploaded BEFORE Vivian took over Alexei's company.

Correction: There's no reason Vivian would have to be part of Volkoff Industries to have connections to the safehouse. Vivian Volkoff is Alexei Volkoff's daughter - her photo could be in that flash for absolutely any reason, regardless of the fact that she wasn't working with them at the time.

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