Time Tunnel

Visitors From Beyond the Stars - S1-E18

Factual error: The aliens show Doug and Tony the planet they plan to invade - Earth, of course. But the special effects department forgot to give poor old Earth any clouds. (There are clouds over more than 70% of our planet at any given time.) When they go down to the surface, though, there are plenty of clouds in the sky. (00:05:20)

Jean G

Merlin the Magician - S1-E27

Factual error: Wogan the Viking probably shouldn't laugh quite so enthusiastically. When he does, several of his very 20th Century gold fillings are visible. (00:09:30)

Jean G

Chase Through Time - S1-E24

Factual error: Doug and Tony time travel to one million years B.C., where they encounter dinosaurs. Not likely. All the dinosaurs were rendered extinct several million years earlier by an asteroid strike. There weren't any left by 1-million BC. (00:29:45)

Jean G

Invasion - S1-E15

Factual error: Right at the start of the episode there is a sign visible on the side of a building that shows the German word "Warenhaus." This is a wrong translation of the English word "warehouse." The correct German word should be "Lagerhaus."

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