Supernatural (2005)

4 corrected entries in season 1

Phantom Traveler - S1-E4

Corrected entry: When Sam is on the plane searching for the demon, he is told to say the word 'Christo', as demons will flinch at the name of God (said in Latin). 'Christo' is the Latin word for Christ, not God. God in Latin is 'Deus'.

Correction: Since it's a reference to Christian spirituality, the name of Christ is the name of one of the three persons of the Christian Trinity (God). For example, Mary, Jesus Christ's mother, is called "Mother of God" by most Christian traditions ever since the Nestorian controversy (and as the reference is in Latin, the show is almost definitely referencing Catholic Christian theology, which would affirm this).

Phantom Traveler - S1-E4

Corrected entry: When Dean and Sam enter the car, a microphone can be seen on Sam's side of the car (black with orange rim) and remains throughout the shot.


Correction: That is the handle that controls the spotlights on their car, it is not a microphone, it is part of the car.

Hell House - S1-E17

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sam and Dean are getting coffee [right after Dean puts the itching powder in Sam's underwear], as the boy behind the counter hands Dean the coffee cup you can hear him say, "Here you go, Jensen. Jensen is actually the first name of the actor who plays Dean, 'Jensen Ackles'.

Correction: If you listen carefully, the man actually says "Here you go, gents." It says 'gents' in the subtitles too.


Bugs - S1-E8

Corrected entry: At the end of the episode, Dean and Sam pull up to the house to say goodbye. The moving truck has its back end facing the right, toward the front of the brothers' Impala. However, when they are driving away, heading straight without turning around, the moving truck is now facing in the opposite direction.

Correction: If you look at 39mins and 41 seconds. You can easily see that there are two moving trucks, facing opposite directions. So the truck they drive past would be the one facing the same way as the Impala.



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Dean Winchester: Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole.



Before the Roadhouse fire, Ash and Dean are talking on the phone. Ash looks at his watch, on his left hand, it says 8:10, and has a black dial/face. As Dean and Bobby go through the rubble, Dean identifies Ash by his watch. Still on his left hand, it is now upside down, evident by the crown of the watch (used to move the hands of the watch) which previously facing his hand, is now facing his elbow. Also, the dial/face of the watch is now silver instead of black. This is a different watch, and was inadvertently put on the burnt arm upside down.



At the beginning, the cabin looks very similar to the cabin in The Evil Dead, even the swinging bench (although on the opposite side of the door). And the girl calls out the name Ashleu, Bruce Campbell's character in Evil Dead.