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Corrected entry: In "Route 666," you see the Impala has about 70,100 miles on it. This shouldn't be possible if John bought it when he was a teen, drove it, then gave it to Dean who drives it all across the country.


Correction: Plausible possibilities are that the odometer doesn't work, or had been replaced at some time *because* it wasn't working. I've had two cars where the odometer either quit working, or only worked intermittently, and they weren't as old as the Impala. Or the odometer only has 5 numbers on it, and rolled over after it hit 99,999 miles.


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Corrected entry: Season 4, Episode 15: "Death Takes a Holiday": Sam and Dean Astro-Project out of their bodies so that they can see and save a Reaper. They are out of their bodies, walking down a street as ghosts, but their breath is visible due to the cold weather outside. Ghosts have no body to generate warm or hot breath.

Robert Sullinger

Correction: First, it's astral projection, not Astro-projection. Second, ghosts are not proven to exist, as such we don't know their physical or spiritual characteristics well enough to judge if the have body heat or not. Some reports of supposed ghost phenomenon have reported cold spots in rooms, some as hot spots in rooms. Seemingly contradictory, but just more evidence that we don't really know what they are supposed to be like in characteristics.


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