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One Man's Worth: Part 1 - S4-E1

Character mistake: When the civilians are fleeing the coffee shop, there are two spelling errors on the coffee shop's marquee. Firstly, the name of the coffee shop is Rip Van Winkle, but on the marquee, Winkle is spelled as "Winkile." To the right of that, Coffee House is spelled as "Coffe House."


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Beyond Good and Evil: Part 2 - S4-E9

Character mistake: Wolverine refers to Psylocke as having black hair and Archangel refers to her as being raven-haired. She has purple hair.


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Morph: [imitating Senator Kelly] My fellow Americans, I am an idiot.



Rogue rips off Donald Pierce's cybernetic left arm, but when he is first shown running away, his right arm is the one that is missing. When he catches up with Sebastian Shaw in the secret passageway, his left arm is back to being the one missing.



One of the images in Gambit's mind-scan is of fellow Marvel Comics superhero Ghost Rider.