X-Men (1992)

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Night of the Sentinels: Part 1 - S1-E1

Morph: [imitating Senator Kelly] My fellow Americans, I am an idiot.

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The Cure - S1-E9

Cable: [Grabs Warren Worthington from behind his bookcase.] Are you Adler?
Worthington: I'm Warren Worthington, [shoots his blaster through the bookcase] the third.
Cable: Next time you take a shot at somebody, make sure you hit him.
Worthington: I'll remember that. [Fires another blast at Cable but misses again, Cable returns fire and knocks Worthington off the patio.]
Cable: You got a short memory.

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The Cure - S1-E9

Cable: I'm looking for Gottfried Adler.
Pyro: Well of course you are, old darling. He's such a popular fellow. [Pyro tries to shoot his flamethrowers at Cable, but Cable dodges and blasts Pyro into the ocean].
Cable: Don't call me darling.

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Night of the Sentinels: Part 2 - S1-E2

Wolverine: [To Jean Grey after slicing off the top of Cyclops' car.] Tell Cyclops I made him a convertible.

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Days of Future Past: Part 2 - S1-E12

Bishop: I should have known better than to play poker with an assassin.
Gambit: Shut up fool! [Throws a kinetically charged card at Bishop to no effect.]
Bishop: I can absorb your bio-energy and channel it right back.
Wolverine: I think he's getting ready to raise you.
Bishop: [Shoots an energy blast at Gambit which he narrowly avoids.] That's my mutant power.
Wolverine: [Extends his claws in Bishop's face.] How would you like to try absorbing these? Now sit down, both of you, or cards won't be the only thing that gets cut around here.

Slave Island - S1-E7

Gambit: Who are you?
Cable: The Wild Man of Borneo. See ya around.

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