X-Men (1992)

1 plot hole in Whatever It Takes

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Whatever It Takes - S2-E3

Plot hole: After Magneto and Xavier discover that their powers have vanished, Mr. Sinister is shown to be watching them through surveillance footage, zeroed in on their faces from a straight angle. At this point, Magneto and Xavier are standing at the edge of a cliff in the Savage Land, which is a jungle hidden in Antarctica. There's no conceivable way Mr. Sinister could have security footage of them from where they are located. Any camera would have to be mounted onto a tree, and the cliff is at a considerably higher elevation than the jungle itself, as well as a considerable distance away. Even if Mr. Sinister was able to zoom in on them from such a distance, the treeline being lower than the cliff would only allow him to view them from a low angle, and that's only if the cliff wall didn't obscure them. (00:20:00)

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