Best TV plot holes of 1992

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Father Figure - S1-E14

Plot hole: When the two henchmen who break into Nick's loft to kill Lisa are captured, the case is closed. But the two thugs were reporting back to a boss who wasn't caught, and who surely would have sent more hitmen after Lisa. So the case shouldn't have been closed.

Jean G
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Jealousy - S6-E3

Plot hole: In this episode, we learn that Gary has never learnt to drive, and crashes when he attempts to do so. However, he is seen driving to the chemists back in series 3, Episode 2 ('Bed').

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The Unstoppable Juggernaut - S1-E8

Plot hole: After Wolverine deduces that Colossus wasn't the person who destroyed the X-mansion and Colossus walks away, Jubilee gets a phone call from Rogue literally less than 30 seconds later informing them that the bank was being robbed by somebody big who is later revealed to be the Juggernaut. Wolverine (now wearing a different set of clothes) and Jubilee are then shown arriving at the bank in Wolverine's jeep just in time to see Colossus being arrested for the crime while claiming he was only trying to open an account and stop the robber. If the robbery was being committed while Colossus was fighting Wolverine, then the police and bank employees would have known Colossus was not the perpetrator, not to mention the bank would have been closed off to the public, effectively preventing Colossus from going in to open an account in the first place. The only way Colossus could have feasibly been implicated would be if he was at the bank the same time that Rogue called Jubilee, which he obviously could not have reached the bank in that amount of time since Wolverine had to drive there.

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Season Opener - S7-E1

Plot hole: In this episode, a very star-struck Paul meets Jerry Seinfeld on the street. It's not clear whether Jerry is playing himself or his Seinfeld character, but either way it's a mistake. If Jerry was playing himself, it's a mistake because Mad About You did a crossover episode with Seinfeld in its first season, so it would be impossible for Seinfeld (the TV show) or Jerry Seinfeld the actor to exist in the Mad About You universe. If Jerry was playing his character, it's a mistake because it was established in that crossover that Paul and Jerry used to be neighbors and knew each other fairly well, so Paul wouldn't be at all star-struck.

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Two-Face (2) - S1-E18

Plot hole: When Two-Face and his men have broken into the new D.A.'s office to find dirt on Rupert Thorne, one of his men finds a file detailing Thorne's record of Swiss bank accounts, money laundering, blackmail and payoffs that Two-Face tried for years to subpoena when he was D.A. When Thorne finds out that Two-Face has the file, he states that he will be ruined if Two-Face gives the file to the police. If Two-Face tried unsuccessfully for years to subpoena the file, then in all likelihood that means Thorne paid off the right people to prevent the subpoena from happening, so Two-Face giving the file to the police shouldn't be a problem for him. Additionally, if giving the file to the police would be all that it would take to bring Thorne down, then the new D.A. could have already done so. If the new D.A. was also paid off by Thorne, then it wouldn't make sense for Thorne to allow the D.A. to keep the file since they could easily lose the file or even double-cross Thorne. (00:10:45 - 00:14:20)

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