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Purple Giraffe - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: The morning after the second party, the items on the coffee table change instantly between shots. Several beer bottles and blue cups vanish, whilst a red cup and red bowl appear. (00:11:00)


Purple Giraffe - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: After Ted's Saturday night party (second of the three), when Ted, Lily and Marshall are sitting on the couch, numerous things change or suddenly appear behind them. Clothing is instantly on the back of the yellow chair and black chair, a wood chair appears, furniture moves, etc.

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Marshall: You should definitely go. Look, it's a chance to show her you are still friends and that you support her.
Barney: Or it's a chance to mess with her head by showing up with someone hotter, or even better, triple threat, hotter and bigger boobs!
Ted: That's only two.
Barney: Count again.

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Chosen answer: She was finally shown at the very end of the last episode of season 8, continuing into season 9. The actor's name is Cristin Milioti:


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