Prison Break

Season 2 generally

Continuity mistake: Season 2, Episode 10. When Michael and Sara are driving towards Mahone down Butterfield Road, both cars are seen in one shot and both cars are on a gravel road. In the next clip, seen from Mahone's end of the road, his car is on asphalt.

Jacob La Cour

Season 2 generally

Continuity mistake: Series 2 - Episode 10. When Sara is to meet Michael at 1681 Butterfield Road Sara looks in the mailbox. She closes the lid, yet the mailbox is seen standing with the lid a bit open. In the next couple of shots the mailbox is completely open, and when they jump in the car and leave, the lid is now closed.

Jacob La Cour

Season 2 generally

Continuity mistake: In the scene in Panama in the last episode Michael is on the boat and a boy comes along with some sodas. In that scene the sky is overcast. But in the next clip, when the boat is seen further away the sky is clear.

Jacob La Cour

Season 2 generally

Continuity mistake: Episode 14 - John Doe. Bellick is in the prison, and is being threatened by 'Banks.' As Banks and his crew walk away, in two different shots, you can see an elderly gentlemen (looking like Charles Westmoreland) walk across the screen, left to right. He does this twice, without there being time for him to run around.

Season 2 generally

Continuity mistake: In Season 2: Episode 9-"Unearthed" when Bellick is talking to T-Bag in the house, he pulls up a chair to sit down in front of T-Bag. When he pulls the chair out and starts to sit down, the chair is backwards, but in the next shot it's facing T-Bag. (00:38:10)


Ogygia - S5-E1

Continuity mistake: On the tombstone in the previous episode, Michael's date of death is 11.4.2005. But in this episode, when Linc goes to the graveyard to visit Michael's grave, his date of death is 11.4.2010. It is also a different grave from the original, as the original was in South America beside the beach, and here we are led to believe it is in New York. (00:50:50)

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Michael Scofield: I thought your cousin was trying to move in on your girl.
Fernando Sucre: That's my other cousin but thanks for bringing that up, jackass.

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Trivia: Paul Adelstein, who plays Paul Kellerman, also guest starred in a season 4 episode of Law and Order SVU in which he played a character named Kellerman.

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Question: What's the time frame of the show?

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