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Correction: Blake's overwrought because Reid pushed her out of the way of the bullet that hit him, so she calls him by her dead son's name - Ethan. At the end, when Blake accompanies Reid back to his apartment she says that seeing him like that touched a nerve, and Reid asks Blake who Ethan is, so she tells Reid all about her son Ethan who died when he was just nine years old, and also tells him that Ethan would have been a lot like him.

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Demons - S9-E24

Corrected entry: The female agent is with Spencer Reid after he is shot and is saying to him to stay with her and starts calling his name, "Ethan, Ethan." His name is Spencer.

Correction: Yes, Alex does call Spencer by her dead son's name Ethan. This was done quite intentionally in the script. At the end of the episode, when Alex accompanies Spencer back to his apartment after he's released from the hospital, Spencer asks Alex who Ethan is, and she tells Spencer about her son, who died when he was nine, then tells Spencer that Ethan would have been a lot like Spencer. Rather poignant.

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200 - S9-E14

Corrected entry: When Blake and Rossi take out the safe, Blake opens it after Rossi suggests "2008, the year she [meaning Jennifer Jarreau] became a mom" but later when Jennifer and Cruz are in the March 2011 scene Jennifer tells Cruz she is pregnant. (00:12:45 - 00:23:30)


Correction: She was already a mom when this happened. The 2011 pregnancy would have made her son Henry a big brother.

Correction: She lost that baby due to the torture she endured overseas.

Dorado Falls - S7-E3

Corrected entry: The killer answers the call made from David Rossi on an old iPhone, then after two scenes, the phone is now some type of radio or one of those military phones.


Correction: Though it may look like it, there is no mistake during the scene with the phone conversation between the Dolan and Rossi. It is actually a deceptive trick on Dolan's part. Dolan answers the phone call on an iPhone, but during the phone conversation, Dolan moves from the warehouse, to the FBI headquarters, hence the music to cover the sound of his movements. In order to move positions and still stay on the phone, he has a pair of police radios. He places one by the phone, and takes the other with him and talks through the radio. This means that he talks into the radio, which the other radio picks up, then the iPhone can pick up the conversation, thus it appears that he has not moved positions.

Sex, Birth, Death - S2-E11

Corrected entry: When Prentiss talks to two young prostitutes, one girl says she's 21, then admits she's really 19 when it's obvious Prentiss knows she's lying. When the girl turns up dead later, Prentiss angrily yells that the girl was only 16.

Correction: She realized the dead girl was 16 because the girl's ID was taken off of the body.

Correction: He says "What do you got, Garcia?"


The Fox - S1-E7

Corrected entry: When interrogating the Uncle, the agents say that Emily is left handed (reinforced by when they throw a ball to the uncle and he catches it with his right hand). In a later scene, they show Emily drawing the black and white picture for the "unsub" with her right hand.

Correction: The girl shown later drawing with the unsub is Jackie, the introverted daughter of the third family.

Protection - S10-E22

Corrected entry: When the teacher is being "mugged" she is wearing a flowery shirt and red cardigan but when the BAU show up she has a navy polka dot shirt on and a grey cardigan. Also the "mugger" has a dark shirt then a checked shirt. (00:15:45 - 00:16:30)

Charlotte Bell

Correction: This unsub was diagnosed with severe paranoid schizophrenia, and is currently in a delusional state, with his delusions driving his vigilantism. During the entire episode the unsub sees things that are not real, and we the viewers are seeing what he sees, such as his conversations with Patricia and Melina Valdez, whom he had already killed. In the unsub's delusional state, the teacher wears a reddish sweater and flowery dress, and "mugger" wears a black jacket, which is different from what they're wearing in reality as we can see when the bodies are found. It also happens with the young woman and her boyfriend - in the unsub's delusional state she wears a reddish sweater and flowery dress and boyfriend's in a black jacket, but in reality she's wearing a black tank top and black pants, and in her account of the incident the boyfriend's in a tee shirt.

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Cold Comfort - S4-E14

Corrected entry: They are confronting a man who may be the unsub when Emily Prentiss says that the victims all have blonde hair and blue skin. Obviously, the victims have blue eyes, not blue skin. (00:18:17)

Correction: Prentiss was referring to the fact that the man liked dead women, when you die skin turns blue.

Show generally

Corrected entry: In season 4, episode 9 "52 Pickup", in the scene where Jordan is describing the case, the writers made a large error concerning the M.O. of the UnSub. Agent Jordan states that the UnSub makes his victims clean up their own murders, and they arranged the cleaning supplies in a triangular pattern. The cleaning supplies were bleach, ammonia and garbage bags. This would be excusable if she hadn't also added that both bleach and ammonia were found under the victim's fingernails. If you mix ammonia and bleach, it has the potential to create one of three very dangerous chemicals. One was used in WW1 (chlorine gas), and the other two are highly explosive (Nitrogen trichloride and hydrazine). However, all the victims died of exsanguination (blood loss). This isn't mentioned by Dr. Reid, who has a Ph.D in Chemistry.


Correction: It's not necessarily a mistake that Dr. Reid didn't mention the potentially dangerous chemical combinations; since the victims died of blood loss and not an effect of toxins, there was no reason to bring it up even though it would have fit his idiom as demonstrated in other episodes.

Nanny Dearest - S8-E21

Corrected entry: The nanny said it was cold out and she was sorry she hadn't worn a jacket the day she was kidnapped; it makes no sense then that she was wearing sandals that day too.

Correction: Unusual but not uncommon, and certainly not impossible. Many babysitters/nannies wear sandals while working no matter what time of year because 1) sandals allow them to be comfortable and 2) they are easily removed when entering the house so as not to track dirt, mud, or other harmful substances onto the floor where a child may be playing or crawling.

Correction: In fact the matter is a subject of intense debate and many scientists believe that it is genetic, and will unhesitatingly say so. That is the case here.

Compulsion - S1-E2

Corrected entry: At the end of the show, Gideon and Reid are playing chess, and Reid says "check in three." Gideon then puts him in checkmate with one move. We have seen the board from all angles, and it is not possible for check in three or checkmate in one.

Correction: Watch the scene again. After Reid said "check in three", they literally show you the next four moves. The third move, Reid puts Gideon in check and the 4th move Gideon checkmates Reid. (When the camera cuts back to Gideon, the 4th move is already done and he's picking up Reid's captured Bishop).


Children of the Dark - S3-E4

Corrected entry: Carrie is seen in the restaurant wearing flip-flops, but when she exits the house the next day, after she had been drugged by the invaders the same night, she is wearing white sneakers. Since she would have been unconscious all night and is obviously disoriented, its very unlikely she would take the time to put on socks and shoes to go for help.

Correction: There is a shot of Carrie wearing white socks as she was checking on her brother before she was drugged; add to that the fact that she was wearing only socks outside means there is no mistake here.

Omnivore - S4-E18

Corrected entry: The Reaper (acting as a police officer) asks for the driver's licence, registration and proof of insurance. This episode takes place in Massachusetts where proof of insurance is on the registration. Police only ask for licence and registration.

Maria Santos

Correction: As you said in the entry, the Reaper was just ACTING as a police officer. Its entirely possible this wasn't known, as he may not have ever been pulled over.

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Show generally

Corrected entry: Episode date 4/11-"Among Thieves": Bad guys kidnap guy, cut off finger and ear to send to family. At show's end, kidnappee goes home with hand in bandage, but ear is reattached.

Correction: This is not true. Firstly, his hand is not bandaged, he just has the same white towel wrapped around his hand that the Russian Mob put there. Secondly, you can see that he is missing his left ear in every shot. There is a bloody outline of the rough shape of his ear where it was cut off.


The Fisher King: Part 1 - S1-E22

Corrected entry: We are told that an analysis of the DNA from the hair sample held in the evidence bag shows it came from Rebecca Bryant, the first victim of the serial killer they are hunting. Later we see a clear shot of the hair - it is a lock of hair, cleanly cut off, and tied with a ribbon. There are no roots, which are the only parts of the hair that contain DNA - hair shafts do not. They would not be able to harvest DNA from this hair sample.

Correction: That's true, but they probably would have cut off that part and used to to get the DNA, the roots are small and they probably would have had to use it all, but they would still keep the hair it came from as the evidence.


Riding the Lightning - S1-E14

Corrected entry: Previous episodes of the series have established that the series takes place in present day, well into the 2000's. The models of cell phones and cars used, references to the 9/11 attacks, etc. In this episode, both Jacob and Sarah Jean are shown to be executed in the electric chair. The problem is; Florida has not used the electric chair for executions since July 8, 1999. Ever since, the state has used lethal injection for capital punishment.


Correction: Lethal injection is the primary method of execution in Florida, but inmates on Death Row do still have the option of choosing electrocution. In real life, none have since 1999, but it is still a legal and possible method in the state of Florida. No mistake here.

Show generally

Corrected entry: Episode: "Sex, Birth, Death": In the scene where the agents are called to the conference room and start talking about the case, the camera pans the room and shows a white board with information written on it. At the top of the board, in bold letters and asterisks around it, is the word MANDITORY. Was it MANDATORY for them to misspell this word?

Correction: No, it was a character mistake.

Compulsion - S1-E2

Corrected entry: When the professor gets killed, a kid is shown trying to drink out of the water fountain, but the water is turned off. Gideon figures out that there will be no water to the sprinklers, so a fire is soon going to be set. In real life, fire sprinklers are not connected to the main water supply. Sprinklers are on a separate pump. (00:15:00)

Correction: There are times when a building sprinkler system may be completely separate from the building water supply, but this isn't necessarily the case. The sprinkler system may tee off the water main. The interconnect valves would be secured and alarmed, but that wouldn't be impossible to circumvent.

Correction: If the building's water main has been shut off the will be no water to either sprinklers or water fountains. A "typical" building has only one water main.

What Happens at Home... - S6-E10

Character mistake: After the murder that takes place while the team is at the church meeting, they gather together to talk about narrowing down the suspect list to the people who didn't show up to the meeting. Spencer shows up with a stack of papers and says 18 suspects didn't show up. We then see his actor break character and almost laughs when he looks over at Ashley, whose actress too almost breaks character from laughing.

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Extreme Aggressor - S1-E1

Agent Hotchner: This is Special Agent Dr. Reid.
Man: You look too young to have gone to medical school.
Agent Reid: They are PhD's. Three of them.
Man: What, are you a genius or something?
Agent Reid: I don't believe that intelligence can be accurately quantified, but I do have an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, can read 20,000 words per minute...yes, I'm a genius.

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Question: I never saw the whole episode, only near the end of it twice. The episode was about a boy about 10 or 11 who took a girl his age Into the Woods so he could kill her using a baseball bat. What was the name of this episode and what was the reason for him wanting to kill her?

Answer: "The Boogeyman", s02e06. spoiler alert: The kid is Jeffrey Charles and at that point he had already killed 3 other kids. Jefferey basically hated and resented other kids after his mother abandoned him and his father spent a lot of time with other children because of his job. Jeffery would lure kids Into the Woods and then beat them to death with his bat just because of hate, no particular "reason." The scene you're describing, Jefferey agrees to walk Tracy home when her "buddy" leaves her (at this point the FBI announced there's a serial killer on the loose and kids should walk with a buddy). Jeffrey gets mad at Tracy for walking too slow and for complaining, and he takes a swing at her, causing her to flee Into the Woods and have Jeffery chase her.


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