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Corrected entry: In season 4, episode 9 "52 Pickup", in the scene where Jordan is describing the case, the writers made a large error concerning the M.O. of the UnSub. Agent Jordan states that the UnSub makes his victims clean up their own murders, and they arranged the cleaning supplies in a triangular pattern. The cleaning supplies were bleach, ammonia and garbage bags. This would be excusable if she hadn't also added that both bleach and ammonia were found under the victim's fingernails. If you mix ammonia and bleach, it has the potential to create one of three very dangerous chemicals. One was used in WW1 (chlorine gas), and the other two are highly explosive (Nitrogen trichloride and hydrazine). However, all the victims died of exsanguination (blood loss). This isn't mentioned by Dr. Reid, who has a Ph.D in Chemistry.


Correction: It's not necessarily a mistake that Dr. Reid didn't mention the potentially dangerous chemical combinations; since the victims died of blood loss and not an effect of toxins, there was no reason to bring it up even though it would have fit his idiom as demonstrated in other episodes.

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Corrected entry: Episode date 4/11-"Among Thieves": Bad guys kidnap guy, cut off finger and ear to send to family. At show's end, kidnappee goes home with hand in bandage, but ear is reattached.

Correction: This is not true. Firstly, his hand is not bandaged, he just has the same white towel wrapped around his hand that the Russian Mob put there. Secondly, you can see that he is missing his left ear in every shot. There is a bloody outline of the rough shape of his ear where it was cut off.


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Corrected entry: 1-22 "The Fisher King" Part 1: Reid mentions to Garcia that schizophrenia is genetic; this, however, has never been proven.

Correction: In fact the matter is a subject of intense debate and many scientists believe that it is genetic, and will unhesitatingly say so. That is the case here.

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Corrected entry: Episode: "Sex, Birth, Death": In the scene where the agents are called to the conference room and start talking about the case, the camera pans the room and shows a white board with information written on it. At the top of the board, in bold letters and asterisks around it, is the word MANDITORY. Was it MANDATORY for them to misspell this word?

Correction: No, it was a character mistake.

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