Weeds (2005)

5 mistakes in season 1

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The Godmother - S1-E10

Plot hole: If Andy really did enlist into the Army Reserves and "forgot about it" like he claimed a warrant for his arrest for desertion would have been issued, which the police would have seen when he was arrested for pot possession in the episode "Lude Awakening." After seeing the warrant, the police would have called the Army, and he would have been returned to military control to face desertion charges. He would not have been released and sent a letter a few weeks later simply telling him to report for duty or face military prison; the option to report for duty would have no longer been available when he was gone long enough to get put in deserter status.


Andy Botwin: How can you be so blindly pro-Bush?
Doug Wilson: I like his wife Laura... I used to buy weed from her at SMU.

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Question: How is it that Stevie is so old when Nancy gets out of prison? He was an infant when she went in and she did 3 years.

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