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Harper: I'm not deprived, I'm depraved.

Beka Valentine: Authorization code "shut up and do what I tell you."
Maru Computer: Authorization confirmed.

Harper: Wait a minute! How come we always have to be the ones to rescue people?
Dylan Hunt: Because I love to see you squirm. Mr. Harper, it's not our job to avoid trouble.
Harper: It's a good thing, because it's sure got a way of finding us.

Dylan Hunt: Just keep your PMA charged and on-line.
Beka Valentine: PMA?
Dylan Hunt: Positive Mental Attitude.

Trance Gemini: And they even have a guild devoted entirely to the art of abdomen dancing.
Dylan Hunt: Trance, that's Iridano sign language, and I think you just made a rather naughty suggestion to Harper.
Trance Gemini: Oh, well, fair is fair. Harper made a rather naughty suggestion to nearly half the women there at the reception. Without success, I might add.

Harper: Tyr Ana-sleazy! Livin' large in the lap-dance of luxury.

Dylan Hunt: Don't be smart.
Harper: It's hard not to, when you're a prodigy.

Rommie: It ate my drones.

Beka Valentine: Where did you get all the candles?
Tyr Anasazi: I rendered them from the fat of my enemies.

Dylan Hunt: Missile tubes 1 through 5.
Rommie: Are you sure that's necessary?
Dylan Hunt: It's chasing us and that's rude. We'll teach it some manners.

Seamus Harper: We needed a Plan B. You always have a Plan B.
Dylan Hunt: Yes, but my Plan B's work.

Delenda Est - S3-E11

Revealing mistake: When Dylan and Tyr head to a bridge where supposedly the power source is located as well as Rommie, they start to cross the bridge. As the camera is facing Dylan and Tyr, the next scene two aliens teleport in. Rewind the video to facing Dylan and Tyr and play in slow motion. Watch the bottom portion of the screen and notice the top portion of one of the alien's head go into the camera as if the aliens walked into position for the teleportation.

Joseph Z
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