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1 Under the Night (1) 0
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3 To Loose the Fateful Lightning 0
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5 Double Helix 0
6 Angel Dark, Demon Bright 0
7 The Ties That Blind 0
8 The Banks of the Lethe 0
9 A Rose in the Ashes 0
10 All Great Neptune's Ocean 0
11 The Pearls that Were His Eyes 0
12 The Mathematics of Tears 0
13 Music of a Distant Drum 0
14 Harper 2.0 0
15 Forced Perspective 1
16 The Sum of Its Parts 0
17 Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way 0
18 The Devil Take the Hindmost 0

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When Dylan and Tyr head to a bridge where supposedly the power source is located as well as Rommie, they start to cross the bridge. As the camera is facing Dylan and Tyr, the next scene two aliens teleport in. Rewind the video to facing Dylan and Tyr and play in slow motion. Watch the bottom portion of the screen and notice the top portion of one of the alien's head go into the camera as if the aliens walked into position for the teleportation.