Grange Hill

Grange Hill (1978)

3 mistakes in Episode #2.15

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Episode #2.15 - S2-E15

Continuity mistake: When Mr Styles is telling everyone the hostel's rules, Penny's head moves between angle changes from leaning over to her left, then upright, then leaning over to her right.

Episode #2.15 - S2-E15

Continuity mistake: As Doyle is running for the coach he is carrying a brown bag as he boards the coach. Mr. Mitchell tells Doyle off for being late and Doyle's brown bag has disappeared, but he is carrying it again as he walks down the aisle to the back seat.

Episode #2.15 - S2-E15

Continuity mistake: Michael Doyle is sitting on the back seat of the coach between Alan and Andrew when he plays the prank on Penny. Mr. Mitchell moves him to a front seat, but when the coach stops to let Justin off when he feels sick, Doyle is back between Alan and Andrew.

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