Couch Potatoes - S7-E24

Continuity mistake: Roseanne brings in a plate of sandwiches after Dan brings home the new couch. She places the plate on the the small stand in front of her. Between shots, the plate switches to the stand in front of Dan and then back to in front of Roseanne.

The Birds and the Frozen Bees - S7-E23

Continuity mistake: Roseanne and Darleen are sitting on the sofa discussing Darleen getting back together with David. The cuff on the sleeve of Darleen's sweater is partially turned down, and in the next shot it's neatly turned up.

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Rear Window - S7-E13

Visible crew/equipment: After Dan grabs the beer during commercial break, a boom mic swings in at the top of the screen for a moment. (00:03:05)

Roseanne mistake picture

Follow the Son - S7-E7

Visible crew/equipment: During the final scene, a boom mic is at the top of the screen in the first shot for 1 second.


Follow the Son - S7-E7

Visible crew/equipment: In the final scene, at the start of "Lunch Box Girls", a boom mic is seen at the top of the screen for 1-2 seconds.


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