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Corrected entry: When Dan is outside working on the truck with Dwight, and Dwight is asking Jackie out, after she turns him down and Dan returns with the distributor cap for the truck you can see a announcement card safety pinned on the back of his vest.

Correction: It was a hunting license pinned to the back of his vest. Not an announcement card.

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Corrected entry: In the episode where Mark gets drunk and punches the jukebox at The Lobo while Dan is playing poker with his friends Roseanne is out with the girls, supposedly at The Lobo. Roseanne is never shown there and Dan even asks at one point how many beers she had. Roseanne has no knowledge of Mark's accident even though both characters were supposed to be there at the same time.

Correction: In the scene before Dan gets the call about Mark, it shows Roseanne, Jackie, Crystal, and Bonnie sitting at the lobo discussing how the town is falling apart financially. Then Anne Marie (friend of Roseanne) comes in and continues to talk about the financial woes. They then discuss settling the bill. Then Roseanne leans over to a guy asking him how his bike is running. Then makes a joke about writing the tab off as a business expense. Then they all leave. It then cuts to Dan playing poker with the guys.

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Corrected entry: When Crystal gives birth to the baby she has with her husband Ed (Dan's father), she announces in the hospital that it is a girl. But in future episodes it shows and says that she has two boys: the older son and also the one fathered by Ed.

Correction: During the show's run Crystal gives birth to one boy (Little Ed), and one girl (Angela), both fathered by her husband, Ed (Dan's father). She also has Lonnie, her teen-aged son from a previous marriage.

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Corrected entry: This is actually from the last few episodes of season 5, with the plotline of Darlene being accepted to an art school in Chicago, and David not. Problem: they both applied to the same school, and at least Darlene was applying into the writing program (I don't remember if David was, too) and there is only one art college in Chicago that has writing programs: Columbia College. And it wouldn't have been possible for David to have been rejected from there - Columbia has open admissions.

Correction: This is a fictional show, and the college they applied to was fictional as well.

Jason Hoffman

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Corrected entry: In the episode Maybe Baby, Roseanne has an amnio and they think something is wrong with the baby so they have a second one which turns out fine. The doctor reveals that it's a girl but then later, she has a baby boy, Jerry. The only way he could have been wrong would be if maternal cells were tested instead of fetal cells.

Correction: According to the amniocentesis is only 99% accurate, infact, my own son was identified as a girl from the amniocentesis. It is rare but it happens.

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Corrected entry: The exterior stock shot of the Conners' house doesn't match the interior. In the stock shot, the front door is all the way to camera left; inside the living room, the door to the outside is near the center of the room.

Correction: The stock photo still matches the inside of the Conner House; there is approximately a three foot space alongside the door. On the inside of the house there's a cabinet piece on that wall, beside the door, and the TV in the living room is directly across from it. In the credits for the Season Finale of Season 8, we see the TV is pushed up against a wall, where normally the cameras are.

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