Show generally 7
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Life and Stuff 2
2 We're in the Money 0
3 D-I-V-O-R-C-E 0
4 Language Lessons 0
5 Radio Days 0
6 Lovers Lanes 1
7 The Memory Game 0
8 Here's to Good Friends 0
9 Dan's Birthday Bash 1
10 Saturday 0
11 Canoga Time 0
12 The Monday Thru Friday Show 0
13 Bridge Over Troubled Sonny 0
14 Father's Day 0
15 Nightmare on Oak Street 0
16 Mall Story 0
17 Becky's Choice 0
18 The Slice of Life 0

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When Roseanne & Jackie talk about Arnie, they act like they haven't known him long. Jackie even states, "I don't know him." Yet, in episode "Why Jackie Becomes A Trucker," Jackie sleeps with Arnie. Roseanne says all the girls made a pact in high school that none of them would ever sleep with him.



Roseanne's three ex-husbands have appeared or worked on the show during its run. Her first husband, Bill Pentland, wrote a few episodes for the show and played Dan's friend, Freddy, in a season one episode. Tom Arnold, her second husband, played Arnie and was an executive producer. Finally, her third husband, Ben Thomas, had a cameo as a police officer who pulled her and Jackie over in an episode later in the show's run.