Roseanne (1988)

5 mistakes in season 8

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The Last Thursday in November - S8-E8

Other mistake: Roseanne gave birth to Jerry on October 31st. That Thanksgiving, on November 21st, Jerry was only 3 weeks old. However, he is side by side with Andy sitting in a high chair on his own, sitting straight up, holding his own head up.

Halloween - The Final Chapter - S8-E5

Continuity mistake: Roseanne becomes pregnant at the beginning of Season 7, and it is before the Halloween and Thanksgiving episodes, so she is in her first trimester during the holidays. However, Roseanne does not give birth until the following year in the Season 8 Halloween episode. Her pregnancy has lasted for well over a year.

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Out of the Past - S8-E15

Factual error: 1/4 through the show, Darlene, Becky, David and Becky's husband, Mark, are playing Scrabble. Mark puts down "oxygen" on the board in the lower corner with the "O" covering the triple word square. David is counting up the score and says the "X" is on the triple letter box, and totals the points up to 99. The problem is there is no triple letter box next to the triple word box or even on the outside edges of the board.

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Construction Junction - S8-E16

Continuity mistake: Stumbling in the dark bedroom, Dan rips off one of the bedposts, and he is holding it, while Roseanne turns on the light. Then, in the next shot, suddenly it's back on the bed again. (00:07:30)

The Wedding - S8-E23

Character mistake: When Roseanne, Darlene, Jackie, Bev, Becky, and Nana Mary are dressing for Darlene's wedding, Nana Mary comments that all of them were pregnant when they married. However, Becky, was not pregnant when she and Mark eloped and they never had children together. Roseanne was not pregnant before marrying Dan. When the series began, Becky was 13 years old and Dan and Roseanne had been married 15 years.

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Trivia: Roseanne's three ex-husbands have appeared or worked on the show during its run. Her first husband, Bill Pentland, wrote a few episodes for the show and played Dan's friend, Freddy, in a season one episode. Tom Arnold, her second husband, played Arnie and was an executive producer. Finally, her third husband, Ben Thomas, had a cameo as a police officer who pulled her and Jackie over in an episode later in the show's run.

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Answer: No. Sara Gilbert has given birth to one child (so far) and that was in 2007.

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