Desperate Housewives

You'll Never Get Away From Me - S2-E3

Corrected entry: The polygraph scene was completely fictitious. There is a very good reason why polygraph results are not admissible as evidence in court: Whether you are lying or not is the opinion of the examiner. There is no clear indicator, like the huge spike shown, that the individual is lying. Also, the one being examined is instructed to lie to certain known questions; e.g., age, address, etc. The examiner needs to see how the body reacts when the person is lying.


Correction: The examiner did ask her the control questions in the beginning. For example, he asked if she was married to Rex. This is a matter of public record and therefore a fact (they can check). These controls questions are used to compare the answers of the questions to. However, it's true that the polygraph test isn't 100% reliable, and it can be faked, therefore it's not admissible to court.

Silly People - S2-E14

Corrected entry: Susan has a wandering spleen and needs surgery to remedy it, but her former agent let her health insurance policy lapse. Without insurance, she cannot afford the surgery. Everyone agrees that the best solution is for her to marry someone with an excellent heath plan. The problem: no health plan would cover such a pre-existing condition immediately. They would have to eventually cover it (time varies by state) but she needs the surgery now. She shoots down the idea of seeking a legal solution, since her agent stole the money instead of making insurance payments, because she urgently needs the operation.


Correction: Not necessarily. Especially in the case of marriage where a new subscriber is added to an existing plan, exceptions are made. And even as a totally new subscriber, I've had many pre-existing conditions covered immediately. It's not an absolute that it will be denied simply because it's pre-existing. If a problem is genetic, as a wandering spleen may be, it also may be excepted.


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