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Corrected entry: In season one, Helen said that John turned eighteen last week. And Zach said in season three that he is two months older than John. But in another episode in season three, Lynette said that Zach turned eighteen a month ago. So Zach is two months older than John, and John turned eighteen in season one, but Zach turned eighteen in season three. Season one quote: "Last week he turned eighteen"(they're talking about John in episode "Your Fault.") Season three, quote one: "I'm two months older than John Rowland"(Zach says it in episode "Not While I'm Around.") Season three, quote two: "Until he turned 18, a month ago" (they talk about Zach in episode "Come Play Wiz Me.")


Correction: Zach says he is 2 months older than John was at the time Gabby was sleeping with him, not 2 months older than his actual age.

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Corrected entry: It could be by mere chance but the four main housewives; Susan, Bree, Gabrielle and Lynette all display characteristics of Tarot Card Queens;each being of a different suit. They are the Queen of Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles.Susan is most like the Queen of Swords. A card of an independent woman who can be bitter, malicious, jealous and is often divorced - which Susan is. She like the Queen of Swords should also not be underestimated.The Queen of Wands, a red haired woman who is creative, warm natured, has a responsible reputation but dislikes Independence in others which can make her tyrannical. This is obviously Bree as she wants to run her kids lives.Gabrielle is most comparable to the Queen of Cups. As she can be vain, immoral (cheating on Carlos) deceitful (lying about her affair) and constantly requires attention. On the plus side she is very imaginative, and as seen in the second series loyal and devoted - backing up the Tarot connections.Lastly Lynette is most like the Queen of Pentacles. This Queen represents a woman who has a head for business and is motherly and very caring. On the negative side she can be possessive and mistrustful. Clearly Lynnete because of her high position as boss and the fact that she has lots of kids.

Correction: The four characters simply represent four distinct character types, as do the cards. There are probably several other analogies that could be made to other groups, fictional or otherwise, with a similar mix of individuals. Without specific evidence that a particular analogy is intentional by the programme makers, this sort of thing cannot be considered as valid trivia.

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Corrected entry: In the pilot the front door of Mike's house is different from his front door in later episodes.

Correction: People do sometimes buy a new front door without making a big deal about it. They don't have to put in a scene like "Look honey, what do you think of the new front door I put in yesterday?" for every prop that changes.


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