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Numbers - S1-E18

Visible crew/equipment: When Hurley is at the new house, after his mom hurts her ankle, he reaches into the car window to get the cell phone. When he begins to dial, the cameraman's arm moving about is reflected in the back chrome of the side view mirror. (00:12:10)

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Numbers - S1-E18

Factual error: When Hurley is running through 'Sydney Airport', he runs past a sign that reads 'Kamehameha', which is the name of a Hawaiian king. This sign shouldn't be there if Hurley is in Sydney Airport.

Numbers - S1-E18

Continuity mistake: When Hurley returns and gives the battery to Jack, Hurley says "She says hey". Then it cuts to a close-up of Sayid and we can see the bag's strap going over his shoulder. When it cuts the strap is gone. (00:35:25)

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