Greatest Hits - S3-E21

Corrected entry: In the first season of Lost we discover, after Charlie calls for help to save a drowning woman, that he can't swim. But in this episode we see him swimming down to the underwater outpost to enable the castaways to get off the island.

Correction: He's been on the island for some considerable time by that point - more than enough to get the hang of it.

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He may have got the basics but to have learnt how to dive is a bit of a stretch.

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Corrected entry: They're often trying to figure out who is on the plane, but it would seem pretty easy to determine just by asking questions about innocuous things, such as the layout of Sydney airport, what food/movies they had on the plane, a description of the check-in counter, etc. There are probably hundreds of possible questions that someone who wasn't there wouldn't know.


Correction: And how much would you honestly notice about the layout of an airport, or the check-in counter (which look pretty much identical in every airport I've ever been in)? There are airports that I've arrived at or departed from, but I couldn't tell you much about the layout - you just follow the signs; you don't need to learn where everything is. Movies? All they have to say is that they didn't watch any or they were asleep so they don't remember. Food? Early on there's still food remaining from the plane, so easy to determine what was on the menu. Who were they sitting next to? Given that the majority of the plane's passengers died, would be relatively easy to simply claim to be sitting next to one of the fatalities. An infiltrator could work out a plausible answer to just about any question that they might be asked, particularly as initially the survivors have no reason to suspect that there could be anyone there who wasn't on the plane, allowing them ample time to research their story.

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Correction: Given the angle that her head is at when we see her body as Ben approaches it, it cannot be accurately determined whether her eyes were open or closed.

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Not In Portland - S3-E7

Corrected entry: Towards the end, when Juliette shoots Danny in the chest, she fires three times, although when Danny falls down dead, there are only two bullet holes in his chest.

Correction: She missed with one shot, just because she fired 3 times doesn't mean all 3 shots were accurate.

Pilot (1) - S1-E1

Corrected entry: Fairly near the beginning of this episode, just after the guy gets sucked into the engine, in the next shot, where the camera cuts to Jack caring for Claire, look carefully above the engine in the background just before it explodes. You can see what looks like a black cloud of smoke fly down to the engine and then fly up really fast - within split seconds it explodes. It is best seen in slow motion. Without wanting to give too much away about the rest of the series, this cloud of smoke appears at least once more during the series (in the finale) and is apparently linked with the 'monster' in the jungle - although all will be explained in series 2.

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Correction: This trivia entry is actually a mistake, as it was confirmed to be a CGI error, and is not actually the monster. The black shape should have radiated away from the explosion, but never toward it. (for confirmation, view this link:) http://www.thefuselage.com/Threaded/showthread.php?t=32133.

Ji Yeon - S4-E7

Corrected entry: During the 'flash forward' when the Asian woman is having her baby, the doctor suddenly comes in and orders the nurse helping her to 'just give her something for the pain'. A doctor would never do that. A nurse is not allowed to give a patient medication without a strict, specific drug order from a doctor or Physician Assistant. In fact, a nurse would probably lose her license if she did.

Correction: This assumes that the regulations are the same in Korea as they are in the USA. Also, in this type of situation there are orders pre-written for certain standard types of medication (pain, nausea, etc.). Both the doctor and the nurse would know that. When the doctor tells the nurse to "give her something for the pain," the nurse would simply give her a dose of whatever pain medication had already been ordered.


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Corrected entry: In the scene where Sayid is going through Ben's passports the first one he comes to is a red/maroon New Zealand one. New Zealand passports are blue.

Correction: Not true. The top passport, the New Zealand one, is blue (although the light in the room is dim, so this may appear otherwise). Sayid then flips quickly through the pile, looking at the passport covers, before opening one with a red cover. The one he opens is Swiss.


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Corrected entry: Season 4, "The Economist" - When Sayid looks over at Naomi's body, her eyes are closed. However, later on he walks over, bends down, and gently closes her eyes himself. I know things are freaky on this island and dead people might not necessarily stay that way (wouldn't be the first time someone we thought was dead suddenly showed up), but I doubt Naomi's eyes popped back open on their own.

Correction: Actually, they do. Open is the human eyes 'default' state when awake. After someone dies, you can close them, but rigor mortis will pop them open again after a short time. They are generally glued or sewn shut before a funeral.

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Correction: Actors appearing in other shows and/or movies is quite common, and is not really trivia.


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Corrected entry: In episode "Doc": When Sun is talking to the blackmailer in the park in the beginning of the show, she demands 100 thousand dollars. Being in Korea, wouldn't she have asked for Won, which is the monetary unit of Korea?


Correction: Not necessarily. She might have wanted the money in U.S. dollars for any of a number of reasons (for example, if she was thinking of leaving the country).


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Corrected entry: When Boone and Locke first find the hatch there is a river flowing almost right next to it. But whenever the hatch is visited hereafter there is no river to be seen anywhere.

Correction: In fact it was pretty bad weather when they found the hatch. There wasn't a river, but rainwater gushing down the slopes.

Lockdown - S2-E17

Corrected entry: When Jack is playing cards with Sawyer, Sawyer deals too many cards to Jack. He deals him two, and then deals him at least one more. Neither said anything and they were going to play with them, and they're both au fait with the rules, so it's not a character mistake.


Correction: They never specify that they're playing Texas Hold'Em. They could be playing one of the variants, like Omaha, Pineapple, or Crazy Pineapple, where players DO get more than 2 cards.

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The Long Con - S2-E13

Corrected entry: Ana-Lucia, like several characters before her, gets Steve mixed up with Scott. But this is not possible, because she never met Scott, who died about 3 weeks before the Tailies joined the Midsection passengers.

Correction: Ana Lucia could have easily heard Steve referred to as Scott by another character, and then got confused herself.


White Rabbit - S1-E5

Corrected entry: Boone's job appears to change halfway through this episode. In the pilot he tells Jack that he's a licensed lifeguard. This still seems to be true at the start of White Rabbit, because he is the one who swims out to save Joanna. But later in the same episode, he mentions that he runs a business, which is elaborated on later: he tells Locke about his mother's wedding supply chain stores. The lifeguard job is never mentioned again.

Correction: Boone is at least 20 (Ian Somehalder, who plays Boone, is 28). It's entirely possible he had a summer job as a lifeguard, before joining his family's business.


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Corrected entry: The distance to the hatch constantly changes throughout the series. First it takes Boone and Locke a whole day to find it, after this however it seems to take characters nothing longer than maybe half an hour, as the time of day does not seem to change.

Correction: It possible that they found a shorter route to the hatch while they were learning the lay of the island.


Pilot (2) - S1-E2

Corrected entry: When Sayid and Sawyer are fighting, Jack grabs Sawyer around the arms and begins to pull him away. The camera cuts to a shot of Sayid and Michael, then back to Sawyer and Jack, and Jack grabs Sawyer's left arm a second time.

Correction: Sawyer could have broken free in the time between the cut, so Jack grabs him again.

Correction: This only goes to show that either a) one of the bullets missed him, and he was found with five slugs in him, or b) that Ana's mother misremembered, which is a character mistake.


I don't know about you, but as a parent if my kid was killed I'd remember details. Something like that is distressing. And it's mentioned a few times he is shot 6 times.

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Outlaws - S1-E16

Corrected entry: The first time Sawyer goes to the Sweet Shrimp shack, you can see that the license plate on Sawyer's car is not from Sydney (New South Wales' license plates are yellow; Sawyer's is white).

Correction: Whats wrong with having non New South Wales license plates? In Queensland I frequently see cars driven and even sold with license plates from other states in Australia such as New South Wales, Victoria.

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Corrected entry: Episode 2x19 S.O.S.: Ana-Lucia tells Locke that "I pressed your button". Locke replies with "It's not my button". The closed caption read "It's not my butt".

Correction: When closed captions are missing letters or have misspellings, it is usually the result of a reception or transmission problem. The channel reception could also affect the captions. It could also have been a stenocaptioner error. Either way, it's not a show error.

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Corrected entry: For a computer that's easily a decade old, the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 keys (those used to input the numbers) have held up remarkably well. Not worn down at all compared to the others, which are supposed to have gone unused.

Correction: It is possible to replace keys on a keyboard, for instance when they have become very worn. And since the bunker is well-stocked with all kinds of tools and spare equipment, it is not unlikely that this has happened.


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The Glass Ballerina - S3-E2

Benjamin Linus: Your flight crashed on September 22,2004. Today is November 29th. That means you've been on this island for sixty-nine days. And yes, we do have contact with the outside world, Jack. That's how we know that during those sixty-nine days, your fellow Americans re-elected George W. Bush, Christopher Reeve has passed away, Boston Red Sox won the World Series.
[Jack begins to laugh.]
Benjamin Linus: What?
Jack Shepard: [Still laughing.] If you wanted me to believe that, you probably should have picked somebody else besides the Red Sox.
Bejmain Linus: No, they were down 3-0 against the Yankees in the Championship Series and then won eight straight.
Jack Shepard: [Skeptically.] Sure, sure. Of course they did.
[Ben turns on a VCR.]
Joe Buck: Back to Foulke... Red Sox fans have longed to hear it! The Boston Red Sox are world champions! A clean sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Red Sox celebrate in the middle of the diamond here at Busch Stadium.

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Trivia: The character Sun was created specifically for Yoon-jin Kim, after she auditioned for the role of Kate but the writers felt she was not right for the role.

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Question: In the pilot episode, the pregnant girl looks over at the bald man and he opens his mouth to reveal something bright orange. What was that?

Answer: He was eating a peice of an orange with the skin still on.


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