The Ring of Wax (1) - S1-E23

Other mistake: Riddler says that his "universal wax solvent" can eat through anything. Which begs the question, just what is that vat he cooks the stuff up in made of? We see the wax burn through solid steel vault doors. So it also ought to be eating through the vat, the floor and the bedrock, and sizzling its way down to the Earth's core. (00:07:00)

Jean G

Pop Goes the Joker (1) - S2-E57

Other mistake: Not only can Caesar Romero's moustache can be seen, but the line between the white makeup and his skin on his neck. Also, when Robin's face came out of the clay, his mask was almost around his mouth. A moment later, the mask is back in place. Later, his face, mask, and body is spotless.

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Dizzonner the Penguin (2) - S2-E18

Other mistake: In the fight in Convention Hall, when the goons surround Batman, watch the one on the front left. He's punching over and down, yet he's hitting nothing.

Movie Nut

Dizzonner the Penguin (2) - S2-E18

Other mistake: Batman throws himself into acid. Counting on acid-proof suits, Batman comes out unscathed, but his ropes didn't get burned off until he dipped the back into the acid. Also, even though he covered his face a moment, he came out with his face exposed, and undamaged, when it should have been burned.

Movie Nut

The Duo Is Slumming (2) - S2-E32

Other mistake: While Batman and Robin are ascending in the balloon, Robin picks up a chewed piece of gum, and stops the altimeter just before 20,000 feet. After that, Robin wondered how to get down. Beside Batman's head is the handle of the cord that would have started to let the air out, and started dropping them down.

Fine Feathered Finks (1) - S1-E3

Other mistake: If the camera in the Penguin's cell is hidden and stationary, then the video taken from the cell should all be from the same angle, but not only does much of it move along with the Penguin as he paces, it also is much closer and at a lower angle. It only reverts back to being hidden when he notices it.

luke f

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