City of Fire - S1-E3

Factual error: Although the Thompson Tower is situated in the United States, a sign on the wall of the Control Centre uses the British spelling of 'Centre' instead of the American 'Center'.

Sun Probe - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: When Virgil radios to Jeff that he is about to land on Mount Arkon, Jeff asks him what the weather's like, to which Virgil replies: "Pretty stormy, Father. Pretty stormy." Then we cut to an exterior of the airborne Thunderbird 2, which is absolutely covered in snow. Just moments later we get a long shot and suddenly Thunderbird 2 is no longer covered in snow. We then get a close-up of the cockpit view, where we see Virgil and Brains, and Thunderbird 2 is covered in snow again. We soon get another couple of shots where it alternates between Thunderbird 2 not snow-covered and then being covered in snow again. (00:28:00)

Show generally

Continuity mistake: When Thunderbird 1 prepares for take-off, it moves down a ramp and the launch site is seen at the end. It then cuts to a shot of it moving down the ramp, and then of it arriving at the site. The Thunderbird has suddenly rotated 90 degrees between shots.

Martian Invasion - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: When Thunderbird 1 arrives at the danger zone, it descends with wheels on the end of the landing gear, but when Thunderbird 1 lands, it lands with skids on the end of the landing gear, and the wheels are no longer there.

Terror in New York City - S1-E13

Continuity mistake: In "The Ned Cook Show" portion of this episode, Dr. Godber is initially seen sitting in front of Bletcher with at least three rows of seats behind him, but, in another shot, he then appears two rows from the back sat in front of Jeff Tracey.

Martian Invasion - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: In the Thunderbird 2 hangar, Virgil selects Pod 5, but when the cliff face drops down, Pod 2 is on the right of Thunderbird 2 (instead of Pod 4, which it should be).

Move - And You're Dead - S1-E9

Continuity mistake: As Alan makes his telecall to Grandma, the close-up of his hand dialing her number shows the push-button dial panel with letters on the left and numbers on the right, but on the puppet-sized telecall unit, the numbers are on the left and the letters are on the right.

Pit of Peril - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: Although the Sidewinder fell on its back, the crew is always seen standing the right way in the control room.

Dr Wilson

Attack of the Alligators - S1-E24

Continuity mistake: During the after-mission chat, Alan is wearing a bandage above his left eye due to an injury he picked up on duty. If you look carefully this bandage sometimes changes between shots; it is particularly noticeable when he's in the bathroom with Tin-Tin. Also, the bandage is too small and too high up to have covered the injury adequately. (00:45:25)

Sun Probe - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: When Alan, Tin-Tin and Scott are lowered while on the settee to enter Thunderbird 3, looking head-on at them we have the three of them sat in that order from left to right as they descend the shaft. However, when it cuts to the long shot, Alan and Scott have magically swapped places. When they are fully raised into Thunderbird 3, Alan and Scott are back in their original positions on the settee. (00:18:50)

The Mighty Atom - S1-E6

Plot hole: The Mighty Atom is only supposed to take pictures of human faces yet we see it taking photos of the machinery in the Saharan Plant when no one is in the room.

Dr Wilson

Give or Take a Million - S2-E6

Factual error: Tin-Tin tears a page off a calendar which shows the date as 2026, but other calendars indicate that Christmas Day falls on a Sunday for this year. In fact, December 25th, 2026 will be a Friday.

Brink of Disaster - S1-E11

Continuity mistake: The broken section of monorail track that is attached to the top of the centre coach when Thunderbird 2 lifts it away from the bridge is significantly longer when Virgil sets the coach down on the mountainside.

30 Minutes After Noon - S1-E18

Factual error: On the night of the Hudson Building fire, the Auto Date Fixer in Commissioner Garfield's office reads 12/7/65. The next day, it reads 13/7/65, illustrating attention to detail on the part of the set decorator. Unfortunately, this overlooks the American convention for the month numeral to appear first. In the US the convention is month/day/year, in the UK the convention is day/month/year. So,either the first date should read 7/12/65 (July 12th) with the next day as 7/13/65, or the second date should read 12/8/65 (December 8th).

The Imposters - S1-E19

Other mistake: At the end of the episode in the space rocket Scott says "you can say that again" without moving his lips.

30 Minutes After Noon - S1-E18

Plot hole: When Jeff Tracy contacts Lady Penelope, it is 10:00am in England, yet it is already daylight on Tracy Island in the South Pacific and Alan, Gordon and Tin-Tin have been out fishing for some time. (It is later established in the 1966 "spin off" movie "Thunderbirds Are Go" that there is a five hour time difference between Tracy Island and England. So, using that as a guide, when it's 10am in England, it should be 5am on Tracey Island.)

Move - And You're Dead - S1-E9

Deliberate mistake: Throughout Thunderbirds, when the script required objects to be manipulated, there were cutways to close up 'insert' shots of real human hands - usually of the puppeteers/crew. However in this episode, Alan's close-up (i.e. live action) hand is remarkably hairy with very dark hair. Yet Alan Tracey is supposed to be 21 and blond haired (including the hair on the back of his hands).

Brink of Disaster - S1-E11

Other mistake: Just as the villains' car goes out of control in the opening sequence, a huge lump of greenery falls out of the sky in the background.

Path of Destruction - S2-E2

Plot hole: Crablogger designer Jim Lucas lives at 75 Sunnigale Road, Eppington Wood East, Somerset, according to the card that Penelope finds in the personnel files at Robotics International, but she reads it out to Parker as "20 Hazlemere Gardens, Iresham."

Atlantic Inferno - S2-E1

Other mistake: When Lady Penelope is counting her sheep, Parker had just told Jeff that she has 200,007 sheep. When we see her using the sheep-counter machine its display only has five digits instead of the necessary six. (00:14:35)

Trivia: Jeff Tracy's five sons were named after Mercury astronauts - Scott Carpenter, Virgil Grissom, Alan Shephard, Gordon Cooper and John Glenn.

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