Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 4
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Trapped in the Sky 14
2 Pit of Peril 11
3 City of Fire 16
4 Sun Probe 11
5 The Uninvited 14
6 The Mighty Atom 10
7 Vault of Death 10
8 Operation Crash-Dive 12
9 Move - And You're Dead 11
10 Martian Invasion 7
11 Brink of Disaster 3
12 The Perils Of Penelope 11
13 Terror in New York City 14
14 End of the Road 3
15 Day of Disaster 3
16 Edge of Impact 7
17 Desparate Intruder 5
18 30 Minutes After Noon 8

The Uninvited - S1-E5

Visible crew/equipment: When Tin-Tin responds to news of Scott's disappearance, a floor puppeteer's hand (with dirty fingernails) can be seen at the bottom of the screen lifting Tin-Tin from her seat.

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Terror in New York City - S1-E13

Trivia: When Thunderbird 1 touches down to land in New York City, look at the centre of the screen and you can see a brown building with a giant Swastika on it.

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