Episode Title Mistakes
Season 1
19 The Imposters 5
20 The Man From M.I.5 1
21 Cry Wolf 6
22 Danger at Ocean Deep 1
23 The Duchess Assignment 5
24 Attack of the Alligators 7
25 The Cham-Cham 1
26 Security Hazard 6
Season 2
Season 2 generally 1
1 Atlantic Inferno 6
2 Path of Destruction 7
3 Alias Mr Hackenbacker 1
4 Lord Parker's 'Oliday 2
5 Ricochet 5
6 Give or Take a Million 5

Edge of Impact - S1-E16

Continuity mistake: When The Hood drives his van off the broken bridge whilst escaping the police, watch carefully; the van bounces off the rocks on the other side and starts to fall roof-first into the river below. However, when it cuts to the van falling into the water it falls in upright. (00:42:00)

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Terror in New York City - S1-E13

Trivia: When Thunderbird 1 touches down to land in New York City, look at the centre of the screen and you can see a brown building with a giant Swastika on it.

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