Thunderbirds (1964)

4 mistakes in The Imposters

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The Imposters - S1-E19

Other mistake: At the end of the episode in the space rocket Scott says "you can say that again" without moving his lips.

The Imposters - S1-E19

Visible crew/equipment: When a photographer is taking a photograph of Jenkins at the fake rescue mission, a human hand can be seen assisting with the puppet's movement from below.

The Imposters - S1-E19

Revealing mistake: When the Air Force Officer says "There is, of course, no doubt that their plan succeeded" during the search operation press conference, the puppet behind him can be seen moving its mouth in sync with the dialogue as well.

The Imposters - S1-E19

Continuity mistake: Before boarding Thunderbird 3 to rescue Elliott, Scott is wearing a yellow suit and orange shirt, but just before blast-off we see him in his blue roll-neck sweater and checked jacket.

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