Trivia: Jeff Tracy's five sons were named after Mercury astronauts - Scott Carpenter, Virgil Grissom, Alan Shephard, Gordon Cooper and John Glenn.

Trivia: Although he is the main villain, the Hood appears in only six episodes throughout the entire series.

Terror in New York City - S1-E13

Trivia: When Thunderbird 1 touches down to land in New York City, look at the centre of the screen and you can see a brown building with a giant Swastika on it.

Lord Parker's 'Oliday - S2-E4

Trivia: The shot of Thunderbird 2 flying in the dark is actually reused footage from a previous episode, "The Man from MI5."

Season 2 generally

Trivia: There were a lot of changes to the show throughout the second season. Not only was Virgil "re-cast" with both a new head and voice actor (Jeremy Wilkin), but smaller, more lifelike puppet hands were crafted on the marionettes, and the inside of Tracy Island and the Thunderbird crafts were completely redone.

Terror in New York City - S1-E13

Trivia: In the 1980s, this episode and "Atlantic Inferno" were edited together to form the compilation film entitled "Countdown to Disaster".

Atlantic Inferno - S2-E1

Trivia: This is the only episode in which we see anyone other than Scott piloting Thunderbird 1, namely Alan.

Edge of Impact - S1-E16

Trivia: When General Bron speaks to the Hood by radio after he crashes his van into the river, his voice sounds like an Aquaphibian from "Stingray".

Ricochet - S2-E5

Trivia: At the end of this episode, we hear the song 'Flying High', which was one of the songs considered as the show's theme tune before the famous march. The song was performed by Gary Miller, who sang 'Aqua Marina' during the closing credits of 'Stingray'.

Trivia: Fenella Fielding was Gerry Anderson's first choice for the voice of Lady Penelope.

Trivia: In the opening credits, you see a picture of Thunderbird 3 in the background, but Alan Tracy is not flying the craft. He in is fact flying Thunderbird 2 with the steering wheel upside down.

Trapped in the Sky - S1-E1

Trivia: The Doctor who visits Tracy Island at the end of the episode can also be seen reading a newspaper in the Departure Lounge at London International Airport.

Give or Take a Million - S2-E6

Trivia: Despite the large number of characters, Matt Zimmerman's voice is only heard once in the entire episode, when Alan says "F.A.B." during the Thunderbird 3 launch sequence.

Trivia: The Hood's name was never used in the TV series. It was revealed in spin-off media and promotional materials.

Pit of Peril - S1-E2

Trivia: This is the only episode where none of the series' female characters appear.

The Perils Of Penelope - S1-E12

Trivia: When the violinist is playing next to the table that Alan, Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy Hodge are sitting at the cafe in Paris towards the end of the episode, look behind Lady Penelope and you can see Camp from the episode "Sun Probe."

Give or Take a Million - S2-E6

Trivia: This is the only episode in which International Rescue does not save anyone from life-threatening danger, and the only episode where Lady Penelope is featured without her chauffeur Parker.

The Perils Of Penelope - S1-E12

Trivia: The launch of the Sun Probe at the start of the episode is the same event that was seen in the flashback at the start of "Sun Probe". The events of that episode take place one week after the launch, so this episode takes place immediately before. Indeed, this episode and "Sun Probe" can be viewed as the series' only two-part story, although they have never been broadcast as consecutive episodes.

Ricochet - S2-E5

Trivia: This is the only second-season episode in which Lady Penelope does not appear, and the only episode in the whole series in which we see Virgil piloting Thunderbird 3.

Lord Parker's 'Oliday - S2-E4

Trivia: The "Stingray" tune "Blues Pacifica" is heard playing on the radio in FAB 1.

Path of Destruction - S2-E2

Plot hole: In order to build up suspense, Virgil and Brains stand on the Crab Logger as its dangerous fuel is pumped out, despite the fact that it is hanging on the edge of a precipice. In fact they could have left as soon as they had plumbed in the pipes to empty the fuel tanks - the whole procedure is controlled by Scott in Thunderbird 1 and they make absolutely no contribution to the operation at all. They do not need to disconnect the pipes; they are left behind and dropped from Thunderbird 1 as planned. They just stand there chatting about how much danger they are in until jumping clear at the very last second. Silly buggers.

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