Episode Title Mistakes
Season 3
13Werewolf Skin (1)0
14Werewolf Skin (2)0
15Awesome Ants0
16Bride Of The Living Dummy0
17Strained Peas2
18Say Cheese And Die...Again0
19Chillogy (1): Squeal Of Fortune4
20Chillogy (2): Strike Three... You're Doomed0
21Chillogy (3): Escape From Karlsville0
22Teacher's Pet0
Season 4
Season 4 generally0
1How I Got My Shrunken Head (1)0
2How I Got My Shrunken Head (2)0
3The Ghost Next Door (1)3
4The Ghost Next Door (2)1
5Cry Of The Cat (1)0
6Cry Of The Cat (2)0
7Deep Trouble (1)0
8Deep Trouble (2)0

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