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15 mistakes in season 3 - chronological order

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The Ballad of the Betty Lou - S3-E9

Other mistake: While Jerry and Rob are furious, Jerry asks the sailor "What's the matter with the lights?" and the sailor says "power failure on the line, they can't locate it." If there's a power failure then the room would be completely dark just like it is outside. Yet Rob and Jerry have shadows on their hats, jacket, shirts etc. as well as a shadow from the bunk bed. These shadows are caused by the non-working lights or the lights behind the camera.

Liz Blue 1970

My Husband is the Best One - S3-E14

Continuity mistake: In a different episode the Alan Brady show writers were on a different floor than Alan Brady and Mel Cooley. Yet in this episode they're on the same floor because we can hear Alan yelling at Mell while Rob is in the writers room where Sally and Buddy, currently furious reading the magazine article. (00:14:37)

Liz Blue 1970

Happy Birthday and Too Many More - S3-E15

Other mistake: Laura is doing some work on when to have Richie's birthday, and Rob tells Laura "I thought we decided that about 8 years ago." Yet Mrs Billings has asked Rob to do 2 plays (1 each year for the PTA meetings) In the Happy Birthday... (Feb 1964) episode that would have made Richie about 10 due to the fact that Richie was 8 when "What's in a middle name" (Nov 1962) aired. (00:01:00)

Liz Blue 1970

The Lady and the Tiger and the Lawyer - S3-E16

Continuity mistake: Donna goes back to the den to get her coat to show Arthur. Laura yells at Rob in the kitchen "Rob! Did you lock her in the Bathroom!?" It's a den in most of the episodes... Turns out in this episode it turns into a bathroom with carpet on the floor. (Supposedly when Laura is yelling at Rob in the kitchen).

Liz Blue 1970

The Life and Love of Joe Coogan - S3-E17

Other mistake: When Rob, Buddy, Sally, Joe and Mel are all showing up after they played golf at the beginning of the episode if you look at the window all the background there is flat as heck. But trees do not increase in elevation that quickly in flat ground. Unless you're in the mountains.

Liz Blue 1970

The Life and Love of Joe Coogan - S3-E17

Other mistake: Rob is discussing the box of love letters with Laura she tells him "they're by the furnace!" Rob tells her "there's no shoe box by that furnace." Laura tells him "they're right behind some loose bricks" well when we see the basement... There's no furnace or bricks anywhere to be seen.

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Honeymoons Are for the Lucky - S3-E22

Other mistake: Rob is in Captain Lebost's office. Rob has already said that Laura accepted his proposal weeks ago and they got married 2 weeks ago, and he asked for 1 3-day pass. Yet in "Will You Two Be My Wife?" he says he asks for 2 3-day passes so he could go get married.

Liz Blue 1970

The Plots Thicken - S3-E24

Continuity mistake: When Richie asks Laura and Rob "Is dinner ready?" the door behind him is closed. Laura tells Richie "Yes, it's ready." We get back to Richie as he yells and the door is cracked open. Then when we see the wide shot of Richie, Laura and Rob the door is closed again.

Liz Blue 1970

Rob Petrie: I want to take a nap before I go to sleep.

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Trivia: Some of the episodes are based upon actual events that happened to the actors.


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