Lilo & Stitch: The Series
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Lilo: Do you think that rocked?
Keoni Jameson: Do you think it rocked?
Lilo: Umm... Yeah?
Keoni Jameson: Then I think it rocked.
Lilo: Are you okay?
Keoni Jameson: Do you want me to be okay?
Lilo: Umm... Yeah?
Keoni Jameson: Then I'm okay.
Lilo: You're sure not acting okay.

Pleakley: This is supposed to be like one of those painful parting plane scenes from Earth movies.
Jumba: Being with ugly wife already plenty painful.

Lilo: I wish someone smarter than me was playing.
Pleakley: Don't you worry. I stood up all night studying the difference between Argyle and Gargoyle.
Lilo: We're doomed.

Pleakley: I think Lilo has learned the importance of being clean. But not too clean! Not overly obsessively clean like some people.
Nani: What are you, an after school special?

Lilo: I hope our new planet will have this many stars. And a beach with rockin' waves. And fish that eat peanut butter sandwiches.

Jumba: Good news, Pleakley, you're not sick.
Pleakley: Thank goodness.
Jumba: You just have a genetic experiment inside you that we need to get out.
Pleakley: Un-thank goodness.

Jumba: Ha! The bigger they are, the more their landing.
Pleakley: Or, something very close to that.

Nani: I just put new batteries in this clock. How is it slow?
Lilo: Stitch set it to Planet Turo time. They're 438 hours behind.

Lilo: Stitch! Are you okay?
Stitch: I'm okay. I'm fluffy.

Woman: Is the hotel melting?
Man: They'd better give us a discount.

Mertle Edmonds: How could she win? She's so weird, and I'm so normal.

625: I think I've figured out your problem.
Gantu: Really? What is it?
625: Simple. You're a pathetic loser.

Jumba: Once he even sold my wife for 10 Kweltikwans.
Lilo: That is evil.
Jumba: Yes, but it was smart. She was only worth 5.

Pleakley: I am now going to make the lighthouse disappear... How you ask? I have absolutely no idea.

Pleakley: Jumba, you're messing up my decorative orbs.
Jumba: Well, you are standing in two of my eyes.

Lilo: We need alien geniuses on our team.
Jumba: Then why do we have Pleakley?
Pleakley: HEY.

Mr. Stenchy - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: The second time that Jumba shoots Gantu with the orange string that wraps him up, the highest it gets is his shoulders, however, when Gantu falls to the floor, the string is now in three ringlets above his forehead.

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