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Corrected entry: (Episode 4.13 - Reefer) Throughout this episode, due to certain threats by Escobar and his drug lords, McNamara/Troy has been ordered to have around the clock FBI security detail, including "dozens of hidden surveillance cameras" inside the premesis. However, later in the episode, Ms. James and Michelle (who both would later turn out to be working for Escobar) poison, kill, then dismember the homeless guy named 'Reefer' to use his organs for Escobar's organ harvesting ring. Various FBI agents stop James and Michelle outside as they try to leave the premesis carrying big duffel bags of the dismembered patient and don't suspect anything. But wouldn't have all those "internal surveillance cameras" (that James and Michelle didn't know about) inside the office have easily exposed the murder and dismemberment of Reefer?

Correction: They didn't have surveillance cameras, that's why they have the security guards. They're only there until the surveillance cameras are installed.

Kiki - S3-E2

Corrected entry: During the part where Sean is examining Matt after Matt's facial surgery, Sean says that, "Your father's an excellent surgeon." Problem is, Christian did not do the surgery. In fact, Sean himself did it and exclusively asked Quentin to assist rather than Christian.

Correction: He could have been referring to himself. Sean (and Christian)frequently referred to Sean as Matt's father, despite the revelation that Christian is his bio dad.

Antonia Ramos - S1-E12

Corrected entry: Watch the organic thing that Escobar cuts. In all the far shots the thing is almost whole, but in the closeup shot when he cuts it, it is considerably smaller.

Correction: Your submission is about half-true. When Escobar chops a little piece of the fruit, the larger piece then falls off the cutting board and table. But when the camera pans back to him chewing, that larger piece is now back on the cutting board.

Christian Troy - S2-E2

Corrected entry: Dr. Troy disrobes so that a dermatologist can examine him for moles. He said he often tans in the nude. Later on we see his bottom end and it is quite pale. Doesn't match the tan on the rest of his body.

Maria Santos

Correction: "Often" doesn't mean anything close to "always" and "tans" doesn't always take into consideration basic outdoor activities in which one obtains a tan, especially in Miami. His body is so tan in comparison to his pale bottom that "often" may not have been enough to offset the difference. Also, depending on lighting, say in a doctor's office, shower or poorly lit bedroom, where we most often get to see said bottom, this difference may be exaggerated.


Correction: A) It could have been a polyester or lambskin condom. B) Most people who are allergic to latex only get a mild rash which would be preferable to pregnancy.

Megan O'Hara - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: As Christian and Sean are consulting with Megan O'Hara and her husband, you can see a clear shot of the clipboard of her file, and her age states 31 years old. About a month later, Megan dies (Adelle Coffin episode) and after the funeral while Julia and Sean are in an argument concerning his affair with Megan, Julia expresses remorse that Megan died at 36 years old.

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Kimberly Henry: I don't understand this! I haven't heard form him since my operation. It thought that we were gonna be together.
Sean McNamara: Ms. Henry, I think you're confusing Dr. Troy's pleasant and very thorough bedside manner with real emotions.
Liz Winters: If it's any consolation to ya, honey, you're not the first girl he's done this to, but at least you got a good set of tits out of it, so heal in more ways than one and just go on with your life.

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Chosen answer: "So Damn Beautiful" by Polaroid.

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