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Corrected entry: (Episode 4.13 - Reefer) Throughout this episode, due to certain threats by Escobar and his drug lords, McNamara/Troy has been ordered to have around the clock FBI security detail, including "dozens of hidden surveillance cameras" inside the premesis. However, later in the episode, Ms. James and Michelle (who both would later turn out to be working for Escobar) poison, kill, then dismember the homeless guy named 'Reefer' to use his organs for Escobar's organ harvesting ring. Various FBI agents stop James and Michelle outside as they try to leave the premesis carrying big duffel bags of the dismembered patient and don't suspect anything. But wouldn't have all those "internal surveillance cameras" (that James and Michelle didn't know about) inside the office have easily exposed the murder and dismemberment of Reefer?

Correction: They didn't have surveillance cameras, that's why they have the security guards. They're only there until the surveillance cameras are installed.

Sophia Lopez II - S1-E9

Visible crew/equipment: When Christian and Merrill are getting ready to watch the fights at Christian's home; just after Christian hands over the remote and stands to go change you can see part of a crew member standing behind his chair on the right of the screen. (00:09:40)

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Kimberly Henry: Death is just the ultimate orgasm of life.

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Trivia: Despite playing mother and son, Joely Richardson is only twelve years older than John Hensley.

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