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Kiki - S3-E2

Corrected entry: During the part where Sean is examining Matt after Matt's facial surgery, Sean says that, "Your father's an excellent surgeon." Problem is, Christian did not do the surgery. In fact, Sean himself did it and exclusively asked Quentin to assist rather than Christian.

Correction: He could have been referring to himself. Sean (and Christian)frequently referred to Sean as Matt's father, despite the revelation that Christian is his bio dad.

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Factual error: (Season 4) During the episode where Ms. Grubman and Christian are talking in his office and he turns around a few seconds later to see she had died while in her wheelchair, her head and posture is still straight up and forward - near impossible. Common physics tells us that upon death, her head would have either drooped backward, downward, or to one of her sides.

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Kimberly Henry: Death is just the ultimate orgasm of life.

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Chosen answer: "So Damn Beautiful" by Polaroid.

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