King of the Hill

Hank Gets Dusted - S11-E5

Audio problem: As the ZZ top members are trying to convince Bobby about staying in school, there is a distinct microphone error after Frank speaks. When he says "and the presidents", you can hear it quite distinctively. It is as if he spoke too close to the microphone at the end of his sentence.

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High Anxiety (2) - S4-E14

Audio problem: When Buck is trying to frame Hank for the murder of Debbie, he uses a hidden tape recorder to try and incriminate Hank. However the tape recordings are not the same, as they don't match up with each other. In the scene he says, "Yes I was angry. Debbie threatened to tell my wife that we had sexual relations". Later on the Sheriff is playing the tape back to Hank and the tape says: "(Small Pause) Debbie threatened to tell my wife that we had sexual relations". The tape doesn't match up on a few things. First the second recording takes a quick second before Hank starts talking despite in the first recording he said "Yes, Yes I was angry. Debbie." and no pauses in between these lines. Secondly Buck says at the end of the first recording "I got all I need" immediately after Hank finishes speaking and then he stops recording. In the second recording after Hank finishes speaking the tape keeps playing but we don't hear Buck speak.

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Hank's Cowboy Movie - S3-E19

Audio problem: After the manager of the Wichita Falls propane store & his son start feuding with Hank about the Dallas cowboys, they start singing the theme of the Sooners football team. Hank starts singing the cowboys theme and they all try to outsing each other. When they do you can see that the son's mouth doesn't match up with what he is shouting particularly as Hank is about to leave the store.

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Returning Japanese (1) - S6-E21

Plot hole: In this episode, Hank meets his paternal half brother. They look alike. However, we saw in an earlier episode that Hank's facial structure takes after his mother, not his father. Since they are paternal half brothers, then the Japanese brother cannot look like Hank since he has a different mother.

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Hank: Calm down, Boomhauer! I can't understand a word you're saying.

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Trivia: One of the show's creators made a cartoon about a retarded pig. Boomhauer's voice is based on the voice of an angry viewer who called when he was offended by the cartoon.

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Answer: If you are talking about the "Thou shalt not do this, thou shalt not do that" song, I'm not sure if a song like that actually exists. Green Day, the guest voices on the episode, might have just been improvising to keep their appearance from being too obvious.

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