Best TV audio problems of 1997

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer picture

Dead Man's Party - S3-E2

Audio problem: The drummer in Oz's band's movements don't match the song that is heard when we first see them performing at Buffy's house.

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South Park picture

Cartman Gets an Anal Probe - S1-E1

Audio problem: After the scene where Mr. Garrison says, "You can say that again, Mr. Hat," Kyle shouts, "Give me back my brother you stupid aliens" in Stan's voice.

Theresa Sandoval
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Brass Eye picture

Decline - S1-E6

Audio problem: Almost all the newsroom links in this episode were redubbed, and at times the overdub falls entirely out of sync. When Austin Tasseltine begins speaking one of his lines before Morris has finished, the latter's "Belt up, will you?" is an ad-libbed response to this mistiming.

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King of the Hill picture

Hank Gets Dusted - S11-E5

Audio problem: As the ZZ top members are trying to convince Bobby about staying in school, there is a distinct microphone error after Frank speaks. When he says "and the presidents", you can hear it quite distinctively. It is as if he spoke too close to the microphone at the end of his sentence.

Lummie Premium member
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Stargate SG-1 picture

Thor's Chariot - S2-E6

Audio problem: Near the very end, when SG-1 have been captured, Daniel says "it's a good day to die", but the subtitles say that O'Neill says the line.

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Recess picture

The Kid Came Back - S1-E12

Audio problem: After "Peanut Butter Kid" retrieves the baseball Vince hit (presumably all the way to China) Spinelli screams rather loudly. However her lips don't move when she does.

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The Weird Al Show picture

Promises, Promises - S1-E2

Audio problem: After Al tells Rusty that his infomercial products won't help his baseball mitt, Rusty can be seen mouthing Al's lines.

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Lexx picture

I Worship His Shadow - S1-E1

Audio problem: As the Fore Shadow is charging up its blast each time, when first shown it makes a high pitched shrieking sound as the energy spreads across The Web of cables fanning out from it. However as the battle continues, this sound effect becomes very inconsistent when it plays in correlation to the energy blasts charging up on the ship. (00:02:15 - 00:03:20)

Quantom X Premium member
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