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The Trouble With Tribbles - S2-E15

Corrected entry: There is something funny about the station's storage compartments: first, since when do these compartments need overhead doors, especially since it is supposed to store several tons of goods (one big set of doors would be enough). And second, loose grain (and especially since it is so valuable for the project featured in the episode) would hardly be kept just like this, ready to pour out whenever the compartment doors are opened. It should have been stored in some sort of containers.

Correction: It isn't a mistake simply because you don't approve of the design. Also, the overhead doors may be access doors to get ABOVE the grain for sample access.

New this month Correction: Apart from that, as far back as ancient Egypt and Babylonia, loose grain would be stored in silos that were bolted and fairly air-tight, and unfastening them would result in the grain 'pouring out' to be filled in baskets.

The Trouble With Tribbles - S2-E15

Corrected entry: When Scotty comes into the messhall holding a bundle of Tribbles, you can see that the middle finger of his right hand is missing. (A result of Doohan's WWII D-Day fight; Normally, the show made every attempt to hide this.)

Correction: Unless Scotty is shown or stated to have all five fingers on both hands elsewhere in the series, this isn't a mistake.


The Trouble With Tribbles - S2-E15

Corrected entry: How in the heck is the bartender getting all the tribbles from under the bar without bending his knees?

Correction: The bartender may have a shelf that is just under the bar, so he wouldn't have to bend his knees to get the tribbles who have collected there.

Mark English

The Trouble With Tribbles - S2-E15

Corrected entry: Kirk says the Klingons will always be accompanied by an equal number of security guards, but there are no security guards present during the bar fight.

Correction: With the appearance of the Klingons, it is likely that Kirk ordered his crew members on shore leave to keep an eye on their counterparts. As you may notice, as Chekov, Scotty and their companion enter the bar, two other Enterprise members take their leave; obviously the guards supposed to watch the Klingons in the bar before them.

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