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Tomorrow is Yesterday - S1-E19

Corrected entry: If the Enterprise made sure everything was corrected to just before they went back in time (before actually going back to their own future) then there should have been no reason for Kirk and Sulu to recover the audio and video evidence of their arrival in the first place, since they made sure they were never there.


Correction: They were unsure whether their sling shot experiment would work.

Tomorrow is Yesterday - S1-E19

Corrected entry: Captain Christopher is beamed out of his plane while sitting down, yet he materializes on the transporter pad standing up.


Correction: This happens in most episodes of all Star Trek series where someone is beamed aboard while in a seated position, often enough that it seems to be a standard feature of the transporter that people materialize in a standing position.

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

Tomorrow is Yesterday - S1-E19

Corrected entry: Why do Sulu and Kirk beam down into the Air Force base in standard Starfleet uniforms? On later such missions (Assignment: Earth - Patterns of Force) they have suitable clothing made up, but here they just stand out like sore thumbs.

Correction: In the other episodes mentioned, they were trying to blend in with the people on the planet. In this episode, it was a covert mission. They did not plan to see anyone so what they wore was unimportant.

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