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Plot hole: There are always family members right in the room while the doctors are literally cutting into the patients. The family is always creating a fuss or whatever, until someone asks for them to escorted out. A real hospital would never let family members into the room while they are cracking open their loved one's chest.

Homeless for the Holidays - S3-E10

Plot hole: When Mark slips and falls in the staff lounge, he puts both hands on the table to catch himself - but we can see him (the actor) quite deliberately lower his head to one hand - this is supposedly where he cuts himself, but he actually hits his hand and not the table. This would not produce the deep cut he ended up with. Also, the head makes contact on the left of his forehead and he ends up with a cut on the right. And when we actually see the cut, it is vertical and logic tells us that it would have been impossible for him to have a vertical cut from the angle he fell.

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Plot hole: During Season 5, the search for an ER Chief takes nearly a year and two nationwide searches, but is ultimately unsuccessful. At the beginning of Season 6, Romano is chosen as Chief of *Staff* in the blink of an eye, and Kerry is appointed as ER Chief just as quickly. Then, in Season 9, Kerry and Romano's positions are switched as though such things happen everyday. There's no way decisions of this magnitude would be made in such a brief amount of time.

The Healers - S2-E16

Plot hole: When Benton and Carter are having to do the surgery on Raoul in the ER after he was burned they are not wearing masks.Dr Greene had just said that the real cause of death in burn victims is infection and not the burns themselves.

The Long Way Around - S3-E15

Plot hole: Carol and Duncan escape out the back of the shop - but there are no police waiting for them, which makes no sense at all. In reality, with such a situation, the police would have been waiting at the back door. There seems to be no one around at all, as they were able to dash through an apartment. When they finally do run into a cop, he automatically assumes that Carol is an innocent bystander, and not one of the robbers. He couldn't have known this, and in reality, a policeman wouldn't assume it.

Status Quo - S14-E11

Plot hole: Jeannie is debating if her son needs an MRI or a CAT scan, She didn't want the CAT scan because of the iodine, they decided to give him the CAT scan and he immediately goes into the machine. He never got the Iodine and it would take about 10 minutes after the iodine before The Test starts.


A Boy Falling Out of the Sky (a.k.a. Shifts Happen) - S9-E15

Plot hole: Dr. Lewis is talking to a patient about pets, and how she is "banned from a pet store" because she isn't good with pets. She explains that the only pet she ever had was sea monkeys as a child. But, in the earlier seasons, she had a cat. We actually saw the cat at one point when her sister was staying with her and let the cat out of the apartment by accident.


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Be Still My Heart - S6-E13

Visible crew/equipment: When the son of the accident victims is being led through the trauma rooms to see his parents' bodies, you can see Laura Innes crouching under a table in the background directing the scene. Innes was the director of this episode and it was established that this episode took place on her character's day off. Therefore, she should not have appeared in front of the camera at all. (00:32:30)

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Robert Romano: They're going to be looking for a sacrificial lamb, and I have to tell you, right now you're looking pretty wooly.

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Trivia: It is finally revealed (11-14: Just As I Am) that Dr. Weaver uses the crutch because of congenital hip dysplasia.


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Answer: Take care of your dad.

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