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4 mistakes in Men Plan, God Laughs

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Men Plan, God Laughs - S1-E23

Other mistake: When the patient Isadore is brought in, early in the show, he is transferred from the stretcher onto a table, and we can see him deliberately move his right hand out of the way of the other actors moving him. He is supposed to be unconscious and very seriously injured so would not have done this is real life.

Men Plan, God Laughs - S1-E23

Continuity mistake: Susan and nurse Connie are talking to the fraudulent doctor - Susan has her clipboard at waist level and is lifting one page up with her right hand. The next shot shows her holding the clipboard down at hip level and both hands are on it. There was not enough time for the change.

Men Plan, God Laughs - S1-E23

Continuity mistake: Carter, referring to the patient Isadore, announces that he can't find a pulse in his leg - as he says this, his stethoscope is around his neck. Doug orders him to find a surgeon and suddenly the stethoscope is in Carter's ears, but there was no time for the switch.

Men Plan, God Laughs - S1-E23

Continuity mistake: Doug introduces his girlfriend's son Jake to old girlfriend Linda who is holding her coat over her arm with her hands clasped together. As she says hello to Jake she puts her hand up to her hair, but from his angle we still see her hands together. This continues for the next couple of shots as they chat.

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