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Coronation Street (1960)

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Other mistake: On the episode dating 22/10/09, when Tony receives a text from Carla it comes up as "unknown number," but when she calls him, it comes up as "Carla" and not as "unknown number".


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Other mistake: 28/09/22 Weatherfield football team play in green but the scene showed the whole stadium as blue eg. the stand seats, and everything in the office. For filming they use Bury FC's unused Gigg Lane Stadium, which is blue.

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Plot hole: Live 50th anniversary episode, aired December 9th 2010 - When Sally is allowed into the rubble to comfort Molly as the firemen attempt to free her, one of them says they'll get Sally a hard hat. When we see her talking to Molly in the rubble, she has no hard hat on and instead one of the firemen is hilariously holding his hand above her head.


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Blanche Hunt: Good looks are a curse, Deirdre. You and Kenneth should count yourselves lucky.

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