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Coronation Street (1960)

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Corrected entry: In the first of two episodes aired on August 22nd, a psychiatrist visits Shelley. He walks into the Rovers, greeted by Charlie and the others, and Charlie simply lets him go upstairs - without the psychiatrist showing any identification.

Correction: It is very likely that Charlie had already seen the psychiatrist when he booked the appointment for Shelley.

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Corrected entry: 15th Dec '03 - In reference to a previous joke about christmas gifts, Katie was out shopping and saw a xylophone in the window (the gift Martin said that she definately wouldn't be getting him), but it was a glockenspiel in the shop, not a xylophone.

Dan Moat

Correction: Many many people make that mistake of getting the two mixed up, she might not be very musically talented. Character mistake, but not a movie mistake.

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Live 50th anniversary episode, aired December 9th 2010 - When Sally is allowed into the rubble to comfort Molly as the firemen attempt to free her, one of them says they'll get Sally a hard hat. But when we see her talking to Molly in the rubble, she has no hard hat on and instead one of the firemen is holding his hand above her head.



The original working title was to be "Florizel Street," but this was dropped as it sounded too much like a disinfectant, according to the then producers.