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Other mistake: During the closing theme (early seasons), when Fred walks by to close the birdcage, Wilma is shown in the background sleeping and her entire mouth is missing.

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The Horse Trader - S1-E14

Other mistake: When Ralph Mason walks into Walker's Drugstore and asks to purchase a tin of pipe tobacco, the tobacco tin that Ellie puts on the counter has black tape across the top covering its brand name, which is "Tuxedo."

Super Grover Premium member
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Other mistake: In the 4/11/07 episode, David asks Amber to make him a cup of tea. She makes it in about 15 seconds.

Joe Mc
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The Three Stooges Show picture

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Other mistake: In "Dunked In The Deep" (1949), Moe, Larry and Shemp go to a pier where a ship is docked. The picture of the ship has been flipped and the ship's name, SAN CAPEADOR, appears in reverse.

Steven Lee
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