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The Golden Girls (1985)

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Golden Moments (2) - S3-E19

Corrected entry: Sophia decides to move in with her son Phil and his wife, but later decides not to and she feels bad for Phil's wife. But in the episode "Ebbtide's Revenge" we learn that Sophia hates Phil's widow Angela and hasn't been to see him for 20 years.

Sonja Marie

Correction: Sophia doesn't decide to move in with Phil AND his wife. She is going to move in with Phil only because his wife, whom she hates, left Phil. She left two kids behind with Phil because they can't cross state lines, and Sophia is going to help him raise the kids.

Larceny and Old Lace - S3-E21

Corrected entry: Near the end of the episode the girls are playing what seems to be a trivia game, but the board they're using looks like the Sorry game board, which is not a trivia game.

Sonja Marie

Correction: This is not a production mistake, it is a necessary element. Due to Trademark and Copyright restrictions, they could not use actual games in a show. Therefore, they combined the idea of three different games (a Sorry board, Monopoly cards, and Trivial Pursuit questions) to make it an ambiguous game.

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